Got period in a naked party

Myself and my boyfriend were hanging out at his friend evan's apartment who got married just a month back and another of our mutual friend was also there with his girl. We were having drinks and having a good time. I was sitting on my guys lap and we exchanged occasional pecks. And it was fine as the other couples too were kind of making out. Alyssa was hugging her hubby and they were kissing each other big time. Then my guy started kissing my neck and it tickled me and I laughed and someone made some comment that he is trying to get to second base to which he replied that he does not have to try and he put his lips on my b**** and started sucking over the clothes. Everyone was laughing and I was feeling shy but also enjoyed it so I did not do anything to pull away(or maybe it was the alcohol). A moment later the other girl leaned over and pulled the sleeve of my tank-top and bra strip down my arms and my b*** was out and I tried to pull up the sleeve but my boyfriend wouldn't let me and he started sucking on the nipple and I was shy and everyone was laughing and encouraging him and he was trying to remove my top and with Alyssa's help I he removed my top. I was embarrassed but was also laughing and I caught Alyssa and tried to remove her tshirt but she got away and hugged Evan tightly and he started smooching her and pinned her on the carpet and with the rest of us applauding she too was topless and soon the other girl was also targeted and she did not resist and was topless in a jiffy. Soon the laughter settled and we got back to our drinks and TV. Then the newly weds were back to their business and the rest of us were cheering them and with a bit of encouragement they were soon both naked. Then they asked the rest also to strip and soon all of us were naked. It was fun since everyone was naked and we were too drunk to return home and we got pillows and settled on the floor. It would have all been great but the morning was a big embarrassment for me because when I got up someone shrieked and I realized that I had got my period and there was blood on me and my boyfriend and the carpet too was stained. Alyssa quickly whisked me away to the bathroom. Nobody said anything or even teased me but it so embarrassing that I would have rather preferred to walk naked in the street than this to have happened.

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  • Things like this happen everyday.
    Some thing like that has happened to me.
    But not really all that nude.
    Soon it will just be a memory.
    So don't sweat it (if you know what I mean).

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