This morning I had a dream Of a dear friend getting killed by a car... For e he isn't only a friend I am inlove with him I fear something will happened to him and he doesn't know how I feel the thing is that my sis don't want us to be together I think she loves him and I don't want tO Hirt neither one of them I long to tell him I love and l*** for him sigh I guess only time will tell until then I keep my distance and hope that he will notice me I am too old for this s***!!!!

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  • Well, with the position you are in there's no possible way that all three of you can remain unscathed, if you tell him you love him then your sister will be crushed,but if you let your sister go out with him, you'll be hurt,and if you both agree to not go out with him for fear of having a grudge between you,he will either be alone and hurt that you dont like him or he will find another wheel and you two will be out of the picture and both be hurt. Has your sister not confessed her feelings to either you or him? Then take that as incentive that she isnt forceful enough in personality to s***** him if she cant even tell her own sister that she likes the same guy in an attempt to resolve it and instead i assume just gives you obscure reasons as to why you shouldnt go out with him. Love is not a competition,but sometimes you have to treat it like one if you want him.There's no way to avoid both of you being unscathed by this, so I would take it upon myself to ensure that I was not on the losing side. And its not like you'd be stealing her boyfriend,as he is not her boyfriend and does not openly admit her admiration for him, her unhappiness would not be because of your assertation, but because of her hesitation. Theres more than one good man out there, and if she truly loves you as a sister she will get over it. Go get your man

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