Pills for Pain.

Even though I haven't cut myself in a while, sometimes I resort to other, just as bad, things.

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  • I'm only guessing but whatever the event or events in your life that lead up to this taking pills or whatever to mask or num those feelings is not working. If its scrips you take for a condition you have maybe their twisting your perception of things.

  • Wow the comments on this one are mind-blowingly helpful eh? So apart from people debating God's existence (which I am pretty sure is not helping your situation) I don't think anyone can really help if they don't have a clue as to why you inflict pain on yourself. So my advice is that if you want any help to confess again but maybe add some details as to why you feel the need to do this :) Hope life improves for you soon mate x

  • All life was created by God. All answers are found in him. Try to fix your problems without him and you will only be blinding your eyes from the true problem being Willingly ignorant of the judgement to come.

  • No matter what anyone thinks Jesus is real, whether you believe it or not you will need to face him. Either face him in judgment or in grace. It's your choice.

  • You need Jesus.

  • Jesus,jebus(the simpson's),allah,buddha,shinto,Tao,it is all the same Bull-crap.Nobody can help you but your self.hate your Dad too.

  • Funny, when one person has an imaginary friend, we call it crazy....but when a BUNCH of people have the SAME imaginary friend, we call it a RELIGION!


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