I still do not see myself as an equal

I still do not see myself as an equal to others. I try to say there is no one person greater than any other. And this is true in a way- but I still lack confidence. I am still deferring. I still do not see myself as belonging.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Hi...I kind of know what you mean..Sometimes I too,get so overwhelmed by this feeling of not belonging,that I become so terrified that one day I'll simply quit trying..To find that "something"...To get "there",wherever that might be...And sometimes I fear that my insecurities and all my lack of self confidence-preventing me to speak my mind and truly be myself-will end up making me surround myself with safety nets that will only allow life to pass me by...
    These sort of fears have a way of consuming one,I guess..You don't always have to belong..In the end all that matters is being true to yourself.
    My advice is:don't compare yourself to others-people are equal,but it's only up to a point-the truth is you'll always find someone who is smarter,more attractive or simply better adjusted.Discover your true self-with all the flaws and goodness,discover those peculiarities that make you who you are and learn to embrace all that.Learn to value your uniqueness-you may not be "greater" than others,but it's only one "you" in the world and that's got to worth something,as cliched as it may sound.
    Try to seem more self confident and in time you'll actually become all that.Everybody has these sort of insecurities,regardless of how they may seem from afar,everybody is haunted by these thoughts;some are just better at hiding them and eventually overcoming and escaping them.. Best of luck

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