Screwed Wife's Best Friend

My wife's best friend she's known since they were children came to visit for a week. She was sooo hot. Blond hair, big t***, everything a guy could ask for. Out of respect for my wife, I didn't ogle her friend too much in front of her, but wow was she freakin' hot. I even thought about playing with her big t*** and s******* her when my wife and I did it in bed that night. All the time I was thinking about how good some new poontang would be.

It gets way better. Years ago, my wife told me her friend had always been easy to get into bed, and that had been her downfall. You bet I tucked that tidbit away in the event it would come in handy someday. Who knew that easy hottie would be staying at my house. Cowabunga!

That Monday when my wife went to work, I pretended to go to my job, but called in sick instead and killed some time at a coffee shop. An hour later, I went home surprising our guest who had just gotten up and had on a robe with nothing on underneath.

Long story short, I screwed her on the kitchen table. I took a few more days off work so I could get some more. When my wife's friend went home, my wife was none the wiser her friend had been screwed by me. I hope her friend visits again -- soon. I hope my clueless wife has some more easy friends I can s****. Damn, it's great being a man with an equal opportunity slong. I'm the freakin' c*** of the walk!

Jun 7, 2012

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  • I love MEN like that. I wish more of you men were manly like that

  • Fake as her imaginary t***

  • She probably did have real t***. Its the OPs fantasy. lol

  • F*** you. She has real t***!

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