Letting her walk the walk...

I let my soon to be wife walk her ** home 5.7 miles.

We were both angry at each other after a bumper scrape accident as she was re-parking our car (we were on our way to the movies). After the small bump, I got out to assess the damage... a scrape about 5 inches long down to the plastic... I asked her to come out and LOOK at it, as the guy is being apologetic (he was a delivery guy in a beater). She then declared in front of the other driver "It was all my fault". I let the other guy go, and now we have a $300+ repair on our hands... I yelled at her and told her to NEVER declare something is her fault like that.... she then proceeded to get out of our car, slam the door, and storm off. Mind you, we were on our way home (she protested that she did not want to go home, but I was NOT in the mood, and told her she could just drop me off and she could go wherever). So I left.

I get home and the calls and texts started. One stating : "Do I just assume you are refusing to talk to me? I need to walk home , instead of having you come back since I know you just left. I should not have gotten out of the car but I could not handle you yelling at me, I thought that (is) what you do, I did not know I am sorry please don't ignore me. I will walk home, don't worry about it. I did not want you mad at me for an accident. That was my mistake and I will fix the car.

So I allowed her to "Sleep in the bed she made"... Now she said that she can never forgive me. For flavor, she tells me that five different guys pulled over to offer her a ride, etc.

Now I am as chivalrous as they come.... mom did teach me right, but the PRINCIPLE was the most important here. I was not going to play the little girl chase me games - this is a 40 year old woman. We have both been married, and I would hope, have more sense. I was not about to wait, follow her in the car (she walked off into the plaza, I was curbside at an outdoor mall, at an intersection, so I would have needed to go park and THEN go chase her). I wasn't (and didn't) do it.

I believe that I had to stand my ground - this is not a sappy love movie where the guy follows home and creates a spectacle...

Maybe I am just a cold-blooded A$$?????

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  • You are a ** - its just a car.

  • But you mom likes me treating her like that....

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