I had a man call to do some work, he arrived early and I was just in a robe, I made coffee and went to get dressed. I was naked and he walked into my bedroom with my said you forgot your coffee, he stared at my big t***(42gg) I turned my back. He came up behind me and cupped my t*** and said "wow these are gorgeous and squeezed them and pulled my fat nipple" I turned he sat me on the bed and got his fat c*** out and o wanked it and sucked the fat k*** then lay back and he f***** me, he pulled out and covered me in s****.
I'm 65 and feel like a w**** but I want more

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  • Hi everyone in still working at 66 and love all the c*** I'm taking. I just take 10 per day and have young men as regular's and a couple in their 40s I meet every month.
    I'm open(literally) for new client's. So if you want to f*** a granny,get in touch??

  • You sound a right old s*** but id love to f*** you. I'm 19 and a virgin, my c*** is 7in is that to small for you fat p****?

  • Oh daring I will accommodate you, its not all about c*** size, it will fit my fat c*** wonderfully, tell me were your from and I will get back to you and you can c** in me or on me.

  • I'm a woman of 55, I want to try lesbian s** do you do women ?

  • Add me

  • Yes no fee,

  • A pensioner prostitute, that's hot, do you do a***?

  • Yes £75

  • Should I take a black c*** up my c***?

  • F***** him, he had a big c*** and nothing else

  • We f***** in his car, I got his fat c*** out and sucked it, his k*** filled my mouth. He mauled my t***, then I spread my legs and he stuck his c*** up me, after three strikes he spunked and I had to bring my self off

  • He has text me saying his mates will pay me to suck their c****, ad I'm a good c*** sucker and have a tight c***. I have accepted to supplement my pension. My 1st is today. So I really am a w****. I cant wait for my 1st client to arrive hope he wants a f*** and not just a b*******, my c*** is tingling thinking about it

  • Iv had two clients today. I dressed I a white silk robe, stockings and suspenders and nothing else, my tots visible through the robe. The 1st arrived and I let him in, he was black, I opened my robe and he felt my t*** and I rubbed his c*** through his jeans, he asked me how much. I told him £30 for oral and £50 for the full service. He said a b*******, I lead him to the spare room, I went yo undress him but he said just suck me off, I took the money knelt down and got his c*** out, kissed it and wanked it, pulled th foreskin back his purple k*** had pre-c** on it as I took it in my mouth and sucked him, he groaned and call me fat c*** I looked up st him smiled and wanked him hard, I felt it twitch and knew he was about to c** so I took him full in my mouth and he gilled it with jot s****, I swallowed and he sht again his c*** popped out and sprayed my fat t***. He left and I cleaned up.

    The second wanted the full, I stripped him lay him on the bed, wanked him his white c*** was circumcised so I oiled oiled it, the I offered him my t*** he sucked and bit my nipples, kneeling over him then straddled him and rolled a condom down his c*** and lowered my c*** into it and f***** him, my t** bounced as I f***** him, he grabbed them and he spunked. I hot off removed the condom and cleaned him up. He paid me and said he would be back and tell his friend I was a great granny f***

  • F*** thats hot, i wish you lived near me so i can get in on some of that

  • Babay you should take all the c**** you want in all your holes

  • Where are you from I want you to f*** me(no fee)

  • A little too far from you...Los Angeles, California

  • Pity id love you to f*** me, id let you do me anyway you wanted. Hope you enjoy my posts

  • Yes, especially my d*** and they way your stories are making me hard and h**** for you darling

  • Can I have yours?

  • H*** yeah, as long as i get access to all the curves on your body

  • Do you want to be f***** by a blackcock 8in and fst

  • Never had s black c*** but yes why not. Bet you have f***** lots of white women. Why do you want to f*** a pensioner? Id love to rap my fat white t*** around that black c***

  • Hi everyone, I went to a bar and pick up a man, he took me to some woods
    Stripped me, I sucked his c*** and he f***** me bent over a tree. Then at my request he got a branch and spanked my a***. He had another hard-on and I t** wanked him, spraying my t*** with s****.

  • Caca1113 I wish this was you my darling,bit o needed to be f*****

  • I would have loved to be doing all that and more

  • What do you want me to do for you, I will do anything at all. Ask for what you want. In the woods I was hoping we got caught and then f***** by the newcomers.

  • I would have joined in if I saw u getting f*****, I would have stuck my d*** in all your holes and c** all over those big t*** of yours

  • Any one in the UK want to f*** me?

  • If near essex add me
    add me

  • Come on I need someone real who will f*** me

  • Where u at?

  • Birmingham England

  • Well you are s fat old s***, id love to f*** you up the a***,then you suck my c***

  • Never had a***, but will try if your not to fat,

  • My wife and I are swingers and into bondage, are you up for that and bi s**?

  • I'm excited, what will you do to me? My p**** is wet and I have just pleasured myself. Were are you from, tell me about you two?

  • I'm 45 8in fat c***, Anna is 40 38dd redhead.

  • F*** and you want to, use a pensioner for your pleasure. It new territory for me but yes yes yes

  • Yes

  • What the fvck is 42gg? I don't believe you at all.

  • They are very big t*** darling that hang majestically with a big areola and fat nipples. That are there for mutual pleasure for th right dominant male

  • Your not a w****, but can i come over to your place too?

  • Yes now I need your c*** up me

  • Thank you, its the 1st f*** on 5yrs and making a man hard, made me wet so it would have been rude to turn him down. Tell me what you want to do to me, I'm open to be dominated. I hope you like big t** to w*** you off.

  • I love big t***, i would love to grab and squeeze and suck on those big t*** of yours, to start off

  • Get back to me I need your c*** up me

  • Oh id like that my fat t*** and nipple, have been neglected, they are sensitive which will make p**** wet. My p**** is hairy, is that ok or do you want me to shave her. As a girl I was a s*** and that's what I want again, lots of c***

  • I got no problems with hairy p****, I will eat it out just the same, I hope you don't mind when I shove my d*** in there

  • Do you think id be a good prostitute to get what I need?

  • Oh darling eat me and f*** me, do anything you want, but spank me before you go, I like the pain

  • H*** yeah am i gonna spank that big ass of yours, leave you with a red ass after i am done

  • Thank you, I look forward to it darling

  • Got room for one more? (;

  • Iv got room for many c***, have you got friends to f*** me

  • How many are you suggesting? I'm open to you demands. I only had two men f*** me at the same time, once but having a c*** in my mouth and another in my p**** was very nice. My late husband spanked me after, which I loved

  • I have a lot of time to make up, so yes the mote the merrier as long as your dominant

  • What state? [;

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