I have been going with a guy for two

I have been going with a guy for two years.Then I moved away. His ex is crazy and wants him back and right now,she's pregnant and the baby's amost here and im afraid that its his. Im 15 and hes 19 and im so scared to lose him.Because I care for him. Because I want him.
I dont want the baby to be his! I want to trust him...but I have been flirty myself....
If its his...I will leave him. I will kill myself if he's that baby's father.Also,she says their married on her myspace and all her friends leave her comments congrating her.Could it be true??? How could you possible lie to those ppl and they actually believe if it was true????? I dont know what to believe!!!!!!

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  • Thanks for all your comments so far. They've helped me a lot.
    Im still having some issues of letting him go,but I havent spoken to him in a lil while,and I dont know what could happen if I he called me.I probably wont answer though.
    Anyway,to the last poster,I just wanna say,Yea,it can seem weird,but some relationships start out like that.Besides,we didnt even kiss until about a month into the relationship.and we didnt have s** until a year and a half into it.Anyway,I dont really feel like defending him anymore.He's a b****.

  • I think that if he was 17 and you were 13 when you started dating....that is pathetic on his part. I couldn't imagine being that age and having a sexual interest in someone that much younger than me, it's almost pedophilic. There is so much of a difference developmentally between these ages, it's like a man having s** with a girl, gross. This guy is a douchebag.

  • Exactly! Good on you sweetie, I hope it all works out great

  • I didnt really get over him quick.Its just that I HAVE to move on.I cant be stuck in one spot. And being alone depresses me,and this guy i can tell really cares and Im going to give him a chance.
    I mean,why not? What have I got to lose now?

  • WOW you got over the other guy quick didn't you!!!!!

  • You guys are right.And I was NEVEr actually going to kill myself.Not over a guy! I was just overwhelmed.Anyway,I just found out that it's true that he is married to that crazy cheating b****,so Im over him. I have been pushing back this guy that really likes me and I really like him,and now that Im free from caring about that loser,Im going to finally go for it with this other guy! I really hope it works out!

  • dont be stupid. you shouldn't kill yourself for any reason, much less one this stupid.

  • I don't want to upset you, but you are only 15. You should be out there having fun, living your life, enjoying it. Not sitting around waiting on a guy who obviously has something else going on with his ex. It's so not worth it. If you can't trust him, it's not worth the pain. Let him go, and live your life with love

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