I "made" my (virgin) girl-friend suck

I "made" my (virgin) girl-friend suck off four of my frat brothers (two were black guys on the basket-ball team and pretty big), so I could get in good with the frat. She really did not want to, but i told her that her BJ's were pretty lousy and that she needed to practice. I pretty much threatened to break up with her if she didn't do it. So she did it while the guys watched a game one weekend. She was pretty p***** off at me for a while. I guess I got what I deserved, because a few months later, after giving me a really awesome BJ, she admitted that she'd been sucking off my frat brothers everyday for a few months now and that she'd even licked one guys come off another guy's ass and they were all laughing at me behind my back.

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  • that's what you get. . .you created a brand new w**** to introduce into the world, and make all of us "good girls" look like s****. . .I hope you are happy you disguisting waste of oxygen!

  • Grammar Check == Your s*** is too long! Hay, she didn't suck my d***.

    Have a nice F****** day you b******!

  • karma b****

  • YOUR A D***!!!! you did get what you deserve. no real bf would make their gf do that. no real PERSON wld make anyine do that

  • This is probably BS. If not, the original poster is a piece of s***.

  • ok....if you really did that you're an a******....if you didn't then why are you wasting our time...some people have real s*** going on


  • Well to get her back you should start sucking them off.

  • woww hu would make there GF do such a thing

  • Ya know...I doubt that you made your Virgin GF do any of this....
    Why you ask, because it is in all probablity not true.
    If she was a Virgin I soooooo doubt that she would suck off 4 guys anywhere, for that matter i doubt that if she was not a Virgin that she would do that either. Just sounds like a fantasy to this doubting tom.

  • WTF???


  • Not much of a BF to make your GAL PAL do that.

  • mmmm, I wish my BF would "make" me do somthing like that!

  • Hey, who posted that? I'm the real RAPE poster.

  • Wow, where is the person that always posts "RAPE" now that it's appropriate?

  • you got what you deserved, but you turned your girlfriend into a s***. good job

  • You are sick!

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