Very Experienced Wife

When my wife and I were out on a first date she told me that she had s** with a large number of men. I asked how many is a large number and she said that it was between 35 and forty but she wasn't sure. She said that she wasn't sure because one time she was at a frat party and she knew that five guys f***** her but later one of her girlfriends said that it was ten.
We went back to her dorm and had s** on our first date. She asked me if it mattered that she had been with many guys and I told her that it didn't and actually it I turned me on knowing that so many guys had f***** her. She asked me how many girls I had been with. I lied and told her that it was fifteen. I was a virgin that night and while she was my first, I was maybe her forty first. She dated other guys and had s** with them more than we had s**. When I asked her to marry me she offered to stop f****** other guys and I told her that I wanted her to continue. We have four children and while they all could be mine chances are that some, maybe all were fathered by the other men that she was having s** with after we got married.

May 25, 2021

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  • That is so cool! My husband knew I was one of the local slags but thought I would stop needing other c*** when we got married.
    I never have and even had a belly full of another guy's s**** the day we got married. He was a lad from work and emptied his b**** in me and then later in the day, came to our wedding reception. He hugged me and wished me well, whispering in my ear how he can not wait to f*** me in my dress but the opportunity never presented itself that night. He shook my husband and said how lucky he was to have such a sexy wife. He f***** me the first I returned home from Honeymoon as hubs was at work.

  • Have you picked up my std’s

  • Can't you do like DNA test to see whether there really your kid.

  • We all have turn ons .

  • That’s so hot. I’d like to be one of those guys

  • My wife was a massage therapist in a spa when we met, in fact she was the 2nd one that worked on me there.
    I became a regular, then we dated, got married and she continued to work.
    She took four clients a day, had s** of some form with all of them, and she brought in right at $120K a year.
    So her number is closer to thousands.
    I don't mind, she always comes home to me.

  • Definitely you married a w**** - an experienced one!

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