Two girls one dorm.

After years of drunk playing, and making out, I finally gave in to my college roomate. She's a full out stud lesbian, and is actually hotter than the males in the university. We weren't even drunk this time.
Sarah walked to me, as I was laying on my bed reading notes. I thought she was going to wrestle me like usuall, so I got in a defensive stance with my legs up ready to attack back. She got between my lifted legs, and pinned my arms back over my head.. I was helpless! I playfully resisted, even though my body was aching!
Never have I ever been f***** as good. I never thought oral could get me off so many times. She even held me when we were done. This is my last year in the dorm with Sarah. After, we plan to graduate and buy a house together. I just can't tell my dad.. He's a medical school graduate, and very close minded. My lesbian relationship? Not even worth being kicked out of my family.

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  • you are just a dirty old man,p****** us all off.(are you not)

  • just don't say anything. invite her to all the family parties and introduce her as your ” friend” who cares who you sleep with its all up to you

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