I hate my former psychologist. He

I hate my former psychologist. He diagnosed me with borderline personality disorder, and then proceeded to be cold and distant with me when he knew I needed someone to actually care. He droped a bomb on me gave no explanation. He would sit in my sessions and write and write. He never really talked to me, and it p***** me off that I had to act out to get his attention. I am so angry I could explode.

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  • B**** get use to it your crazy!!

  • he sounds like a douche

  • You had to act out to get his attention, huh? Good luck to you. Remain committed to your own treatment.

  • pretty typical remark....I know....but I feel that he took it to an extreme and was very uncaring

  • Pretty typical remark from someone with BPD.

  • It seems to me that your counsellor took the detachment that is needed in his profession to an unhealthy extreme. If you want to continue counselling, I suggest that you find a better fit.

    Your therapist should not be causing you more stress.

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