Have any aunts or mums here be caught naked on purpose?

Please write your story in the comments

Mar 14, 2020

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  • I've definitely let lots of people see me my b****** and sometimes my ass or p****. I wear clothes deliberately that can "accidentally" reveal something. It gets me so f****** h**** knowing they see my naked body while I stand there "not realizing it". If and when I notice, I make a big to do scene about I just can't believe you saw my nipple, or oh no, you didn't see between my legs, did you? (Just to be sure they did) My favorite though is when I can be sitting somewhere and keep myself exposed for a long time knowing they're looking as often or as long as possible. Gets me wetter than anything else. Some female relatives suspect I know exactly what I'm doing and it p***** them off but who cares? I sure don't.

  • I’m a 32 year old milf. One day I new my 18 year old nephew was coming over and I was sun bathing naked. He came into my yard that was very private. I was recently divorced and very h****. He entered my yard and asked me if he could go for a swim. I was lying on my stomach and don’t think he noticed I was naked from a distance. I asked him if he could put some lotion on my back. As he got closer he said wear was my bathing suit. I said I always bath nude is that a problem. He said no and proceeded to put lotion on my back. I asked him to get some on my ass and legs. I seen he was getting hard through his bathing suit. I started to arch my ass up as he rubbed it. He was squeezing my ass and said aunt Lisa u have a nice ass and began spreading my cheeks apart. Next thing I new was he was licking my ass. I started moaning and getting wet. He pulled down his bathing suit and pressed his c*** against my a******. I said it was ok. He slide it in my ass really deep. It felt so good. He said I always wanted to do this to your ass. He continued to f*** my ass til he came. After that we both went skinny dipping and he would come over a a regularly and f*** me.

  • I would love to see pictures of you to go with your story. I love aunts and milfs. 49kapernick49ers@gmail.com

  • I would luv to see pics aswell daviddalley408@gmail.com

  • I would love to see pictures of you to go with your story. I love aunts and milfs. Masterone77@yahoo.com

  • Email me mate daviddalley408@gmail.com

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