The little things

Sensory stuff... I like to run the thin hem of percale crisp sheets under my fingernails and between the webs of my fingers and toes. I can do this for hours while watching TV. I also like to chew my knuckles. After years I have thick callouses and sometimes I can bite of pretty big hunks of rawhide. What else? Oh, I like crisp dollar bills and fast food napkins. I do this origami thing where I fold them into a sharp point and poke the skin on my hand or arm (not penetrate, just feel the pressure). Nose picking used to be fun. Boogers are awesome and there are so many different kinds and textures, though I've stopped doing this for the most part. I caught my dad doing doing the fingernail thing on the hem of his pants one day, so I think it might be hereditary. Anyway, I've always wanted to talk about this, but, never a good moment... it's weird I know.

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