My daughter

My 18 year old daughter who lives with me just started working as a stripper and I want to stop her from doing it. She does not know that I know that she is doing it - she said she works at this local bar/resturant but I found out she is lying cuz I went there and she was not there and follow her now when she goes out. Im worried she will get into worse things and I know that she is really into weird stuff. just want to protect her but she gets mad at me for that..

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I'm a christian who listens to metal and rock music, am I evil?

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  • My motherinlaw gropped me when my husbandleft the house

  • I would love to watch me stepdaughter doing that!!!

  • Damm I wish my daughter would start being a stripper - she is 18 and so hot and soo cute and ** and she is a ** and loves **. I would love to watch her dance on stage and give me a lap dance so I could ** on her ** and have her rub her ** on my **. Hey baby your daddy wants to ** you hard and I want to ** in your ** and i know you want it ! so many times as you were growing up i thought about this. And i love to remember that night when you got me off drunk and passed out in the hotel room!!! you sucked my ** and I licked your ** that you just shaved for me!! I had an ** on your ** and your ** and then put my ** in your mouth and you sucked on it!!then the next morning you were so cute telling me that you did not remember anything even though we were naked in the bed and i had my ** up your ** when you woke up!! I should have ** you that night but you got me off so nice girl and thats all i think about.

  • Maybe all you can say to her, is that you love her and you want her to be safe and that's all. Don't pass judgement on what she's doing, it will make her rebel a bit more. You always want your parents acceptance and it doesn't matter how old you get. So she may get mad at you because deep down she knows and may not be happy with what she's doing. Because if she was, she would have come home to you and proudly said, "Guess what?! I'm a stripper.." and not keeping it from you. It may not be best to tell her you know what she's doing, because that will just lead to another fight. For now she is 18 and you can't really tell her what to do anymore. So give her some space to figure this out for herself. If you suspect she's doing drugs and bringing people over to your house (if she's living with you), then you may have to bring on the toughlove.

  • Ok im just trying to be a good dad and let her live her own life but last night I followed her to the club where she is dancing. I actually called the club first and asked for her by name saying i did not remember her stage name and the girl told me it was her after pressing her. so I knew she would be there. So i payed and went in - this is a total ** club and private and I was really shocked what the girls do. so I sat in the back and out came my daughter and danced and really I was kinda facinated by her and i was sexually aroused by the other girls - like wow she is such a beautiful girl but I got very mad at myself for looking at her naked on stage and mad at her. when she finished dancing I got up and left before she saw me. I went home and had sexual thoughts of her and I am so mad at myself. I did not say anything to her the next day BUT she KNEW I was there?? and she was all nice to me. OMG my daughter was coming on to me or something and i am very confussed now.

  • Oh boy. You have a hard job to do, convincing that type of girl.

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