I secretly dislike gay people

As the title says.

I have been beginning to think a lot lately.

Although I do not oppose gay marriage because I think people should just marry whomever they love regardless of whether its 2 p****** or 2 d**** or whatever.

Love is love no one should dictate how or who it should be done but the thing is - the only reason I have been saying I am not homophobic because I know I would get a shitstorm. But then Im not homophobic.

I dont even know how to say it - I am not homophobic but I dont like gay people because I simply dont.

Not because they're f****** their own sexes or something.

I just dont like gay people for the simply reason some people dislike Chinese people.

I consider myself a true neutral - I don't meddle in businesses that aren't my problem. I dont support gay marriage nor am I against it. I JUST DONT CARE.

Yeah, thats the word - I DONT CARE for gay people. It's like "do what you want I dont care" kind of thing.

My best friend of 10 years is a lesbian and I love her to bits. Her sexual orientation has nothing to do with it - I love her because of who is she is not what she is.

But I absolutely hate it when people label me as homophobic when I express my thoughts on this matter.

I dislike you but I dont hate you. I respect you and tolerate you.

Tolerate + respect =/= liking.

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  • Someday (...maybe) we will come to a middle ground about this. I don't agree with rednecks running around tormenting gays and yelling "F@ggot" but neither do I agree with social warriors screaming that a gay person is like some enlightened being who can do no wrong.

    Neutral is good. People who thirst for validation seriously need to get over themselves. Not everyone is going to worship you for existing. I know I don't, and it sounds like OP doesn't either. There are more of us than you think.

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