Summer school

I had to go to summer school like 5 yrs ago and i hated every minute of it and i swore i would never ever go again but this yr i had to go again and i told my parents i would hate it and would cut every class every time i got the chance. so we started this week and i got put in the algebra 2 class i didnt want with a teacher i already hate but then the third day the class got too big and so me and another girl got put in a different teachers class and this guy is like totally hot. and i dont mean hes hot for his age----i just mean hes f****** hot. so i sit there in class just f****** WANTING him and getting wetter and wetter and wetter every minute im there in front of him to the point that my uniform pants are completely soaked in between my legs and i almost make nasty sloppy squishy noises when i walk. my p**** and my ass just throb while i am fantasizing about getting on him and getting under him and just never ever ever getting off of him and ive decided that im not going to pass up the chance to get with him and stay with him. hes really amazing and i just cant wait to have him doing me like all the time. i know hes married and its wrong but i totally dont f****** care. i am totally going to get this man and not care even a little bit about his wife and his family. god i am so glad for summer school.

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  • How can a high school student not know that the word "I" is capitalized?

  • I would be the same way as the algebra teacher. I would avoid her like the plague. She is playing a dangerous game and just imagine the damage she could or would do if he did her and then dumped her. He would lose his job, his wife, his family, his home... Everything for a little girl who has no clue. Nope i wouldn't touch her either!!

  • She never says she actually loves him, she just says that what they will do when they hook it up will be love, and those are not the same thing. This isn't being in love, it's just being in heat, and the people who are writing to her should stop encouraging her by telling her it's love and that she should do him. She needs to understand the difference and behave like an adult, which she is.

  • god this girl is hot. i mean HOT! s***!!

  • yeah.....she really is like incredibly sexy and she really knows what she wants and how to get it. yes she is super super hot.

  • I agree. Does anyone know what happened with her and the guy? Is there another post or string somewhere?

  • I'm not calling you a s***, but you really do need to give more thought to the results of your actions. Hooking up with a teacher may seem like good fun now, and it may make you seem like a star to the other girls in your school, but you will end up just hurting yourself, the teacher, the teacher's wife and your parents. But you'll also be hurting his kids. Think about that: you could be taking a father away from his children . . . and maybe even sending him to jail, depending on how old you are (you don't say how old you are, but I assume a late teenager). I'm a grandmother, as of five months ago, and so I know something about families, and I think if you try to understand how you would feel if your father got taken away because of another girl's own selfishness, you'd be pretty destroyed by it. I'm not going to start quoting scripture to you either, but the golden rule isn't a purely religious standard and you need to try to remember it while you're in this man's class. Think about his children and think how you'd feel if someone took your dad or even just harmed him in some way.

  • i think your looking at this totaly wrong. im not going to hurt anybody, not me and totaly not rick. hes a grownup and can make his own choices and all im offering him is happiness and love and how can that be wrong? nobody is going to be hurt by 2 people making love to each other and becoming in love. if i wanted to hurt his wife or his family i could do that real easy and i know because ive done it before on purpose with somebody i else i dated when i was younger but i dont want to do that with them because its just rick i want and i can have him without nobody knowing and nobody getting theirself hurt over it. do you see? you seem nice so im sorry if it sounds mean i dont mean it that way. its just that rick is so much what i want that there is totally no way i am going to let him get away. no way. yes the other girls will be jealous because they all want him too but their not going to get him. i am. only me. god its going to be sooooooo good.

  • ok so i have no idea what is going on. i didnt hear from my man over the weekend even though he called friday to say he was sorry and we would be freinds. i thought he would call me saturday or sunday or both days but he didnt. we dont have algebra 2 on monday so i wasnt in his classroom in the morning and when i went there after school he was there but he had like 9 people in there so i could not talk to him much less do anything like what i wanted to do in there. then today we did have his class but his asistant came in to teach with him in the last 15 minutes and they taught together and then my man left with maybe 2 minutes left in the period to go the office. then i went back after school to his classroom but he wasnt there and the assistant told me he was in the teachers lounge but i went and looked in there but they said he was gone. i had to hury to get out to pickup to meet my mom so i didnt even see him after class at all and im not real happy about any of this s***. i hope that tomorrow is better than this. its just gotta be doesnt it.

  • filthy b****. really filthy. wow.

  • S***, s***, s***. You should be ashamed. HE'S MARRIED, for God's sake! Can't you find any nice boys your own age??!? There are millions of them out there. Stop messing with married men! You really should be ashamed of yourself. Think how you'll feel if this married man gets you pregnant. Think how your parents will feel if this married man gets you pregnant. God, you really should be ashamed. I'm ashamed of you. SHAME!!

  • Don't do it. Judging from your spelling punctuation you're not quite ready for s** just yet.

  • i dunno...........sounds to me like shes more than ready for s**. and like maybe shes been having lots of it already in her life just not with this particular guy. but it sounds to me like shes gonna have s** with this particular guy and really really soon. and it sounds like hes gonna like it. a lot.

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