I've unwittingly been the other woman... twice!

In my life I've had 2 relationships where I've thought the guy was faithful but I was wrong! They had girlfriends before they hooked up with me. First time I was 17 and seriously into this guy Ryan, he was a typical bad boy and I found him irresistible. One night we were hooking up at my friends party and after as we were leaving hand in hand, we ran into this girl who as soon as she saw us started to cry, she screamed "2 years Ryan! I've met your parents, you were my deb partner and you cheat on me!", I just got the h*** out of there, I never spoke to him again.

Second time I was 18, I was crazy about this guy Damian who I had met 2 years earlier, I was 16 he was 22 and we had a Danny and Sandy style summer fling, he was in the army in another state but his family lived 1 hr from me so when he came home, we started going out, he was my boyfriend, I was his girlfriend the whole 9 yards or so I thought! We had just celebrated our 3 month anniversary, we'd gone to dinner at a beautiful restaurant, he'd brought me a brand new digital camera and we had met up with his friends and had drinks the night was going wonderfully...until... We were all walking together to another bar and his phone rang, I told him to answer it but he didn't, he said it was work and wasn't worried. Throughout the night as I stood by him I felt his phone vibrating but he just kept drinking. So we get back to his place and were full doing it, going off and we hear a car pull up then a knock at the door. I pull on his shirt, he put pants on, we go to the door and there she was all 200 pounds of her, screaming at me calling me a home wrecker and a w**** so I bit back telling her to step off that I was his girlfriend and it was our anniversary, she said "I've been his girlfriend 5 months! I'm pregnant to him!"

I flipped out completely! I punched him square in the face, elbowed him in the gut, kicked him in the groin and stormed back to his room put my dress and heels back on, grabbed the camera he brought me and came back out he was still on the floor and she was comforting him I threw the camera down the hall as I left I looked at her and said "hope you like being cheated on sweetie, call a child support lawyer now, this p**** will be long gone before they cut the cord". I was right. I ran into her 4 months later, she was huge and she came to me and said he'd run back to the army 1 week after she caught us.

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  • I hope it rains on meghan and harrys wedding day. I hope someone throws a bucket of tar and feathers over them, that is how she will look in her wedding dress anyway. I hope catherine and williams babies are deformed and mentally malfunctioned from birth. I hope they get bombed by their muslum asslicked friends they a******* muslims those royalie doylies and I hope ransacked and set on fire and I hope they are all carved up and die. that is how I feel about the royals in the uk.

  • I hope they are terrible marriages and make apes and a**** of themselves and everyone laughs at them and bullies and abuses them and calls them all ugly. I hope they are ignored and someone can go around pulling their hair and making them eat wire and glass in their wedding cakes and everyone gets food poisoning. and some s*** falls everything down on top of them and the bride gets a kick nose from a horse. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4elWytVNhw . its a joke in history that a black n***** pig as ugly as megan is even allowed to marry into that family. it tells you the future of england and the world. get out now white people while you can. this actress means business.

  • You committed domestic assault. Don't get me wrong, the guy's a piece of crap, but you committed domestic assault. I did a ride along with a PD near an army post, this one guy while deployed, hooked up with some woman from his unit, wife finds out, rips up some of his clothes (uniforms), and scratched him and SHE calls 911. She was in jail within an hour (even though the guy was apologizing and saying he didn't want to press charges). You've already ran into two pieces of crap, word of warning, if you run into another one, be careful the state you do something like this at, if it's a "shall arrest" state, the guy, or even the other woman will have you arrested, then get back with the POS.

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