I got mad at my boyfriend for always

I got mad at my boyfriend for always talking about his dead wife. So I took the bottle thingy that her ashes were in and pleasured myself with it a*** style. Thats not the worst part! While I was in the act I heard him unlocking the front door. I hurried and pulled the bottle from me and quickly put it back on the dresser. I totally thought I got away with it until later that night he went into the room and started cussing and yelling. He came out with the bottle in hand asking me where the cap and ashes were. I denied any knowledge of it. I rushed to check the bed for evidence but found nothing. Then I realized what happened. Her final resting place turned out to be in my ***. He did always tell me that I had reminded him of her and that he saw alot of her in me. I wonder if he will ever find out just how much of her really is in me. Bwa ha ha ha ha...

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  • yeah this is definitley bullshit, but it is kinda funny

  • True or not its still funny lol

  • WoW thats kinda sick......but hey your here and your sharing...

  • If thats true..then thats disgusting. You are selfish.

  • bahahahah, you are retarded!

  • bs

  • Have you actually seen the size of urns that they put ashes into? your a dumbass.. Your ass would have to be the size of Texas to fit that in there. Have you got nothing better to do with you time than make up lame confessions??? You poor thing, life must be so dull for you

  • Not beleivable

  • bullshit

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