I'm 15 and I've never had a boyfriend and have never been kissed outside of spin the bottle. As far as I know, no one at my school has ever liked me. I consider myself smart interesting and attractive. Why do boys only wanna be friends with me??

Nov 15, 2014

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  • There is no rule that says you have to already start dating and kissing at 15. A really good man that is going to be successful in life, be an awesome lover, provide for you an amazing life will not care how much dating experience you have he won't care how many guys you've kissed it won't matter you don't need to gain dating experience and metals or points for kissing. None of those things play any part in the development of you as a person. What is important is that you continue to be yourself , increase your smarts as much as possible, make sure you always follow through on promises, if you say your going to do something always follow through, always be on time. Continue being attractive remember its not only what is the outside being attractive is a combination of factors, having good eating habits knowing how to cook healthy foods for yourself participating in activities to increase your overall health and continue to broaden your mind being open minded to learning about new things. Finally you must understand you can not read boy's people are individuals what a boy says or does is usually the opposite of what he wants.

  • Boys do not only want to be friends i can tell you that there are several boys that want to get to know you better to date you and kiss you but it just so happens that those boys turned out to be shy, you have some boys that are naturally outgoing aggressive maybe real popular because they have already kissed so many girls and even had s** stay away from those guys. Pay close attention to the guy that is a bit on the shy quiet side appears to only want to be your friend but has never said that he just has never asked you on a date or tried to be aggressive and kiss you. Just keep doing what your doing try to stay true to your friends, if you have a guy friend and your not interested in him but your his friend never leave him hanging always make sure your there for him because good guys look for good girls they are not really interested in the girl that was most popular in 8th or 9th grade or even the hottest in 9th grade because in 11th and 12th grade she wont be the hottest any more she will be the used up run down she would have dated so many guys and broke up with so many guys that eventually some j*** off guy will start passing around a crazy lie about how she did him and all his buddies , or they all did this to her when she was drunk or whatever and the sad part is she never did nothing like that. I knew a girl like this in high school , she put herself out there kissing and bouncing around from boyfriend to boyfriend, in 10th grade one real popular boy he made up a story about Tonya i wont say her last name that they all did the train on her. It was not long before it went around the whole school, she had to go through the last semester of 10th all of 11th and 12th with this stupid story.

  • A guys opinion - If you are a bit of a tom boy then they end up treating you as one of their mates. In that case my suggestion is look more feminine. If you don't normally wear skirts then wear a skirt. Flirt a little. Note being feminine does not mean be incompetent. Don't suddenly become useless.

    The next thing is that once a guy has had s** with you he will start looking for his next conquest. My suggestion is tease, hug, kiss, flirt but no s** ever.

  • You don't need a boyfriend. All they want to do is get in your pants. Like another poster said don't worry about not having a boyfriend until you get out of school.

    Your better off without one.

  • Whatever the reason it doesn't matter. Your gonna have to be the bigger man and ask someone out. But 15 is too young to worry about it. Worry if your 30 and you've never had a boy friend. I'm 19and I've only had a couple of girlfriends. I haven't had one in 4 years though.

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