My husband thinks that we're trying to

My husband thinks that we're trying to get pregnant. He wants a baby so bad, and I'm pretending that I do too. I chart my ovulation, and I take pregnancy tests every month.

But what he doesn't know is that I got an IUD (5 yr birth control) implanted last year. I don't want to have kids for 2 more years, so I'm just gonna keep pretending that I'm not getting pregnant.

I just want some alone time with him. We just got married 4 months ago, and I'm only 29, so I still have a few good years to have babies.

And I don't think what I'm doing is wrong.

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  • My wife took birth control in an effort to keep from getting pregnant for the first year of our marriage. I let that go for a year then I would get to the pills prior to her and take one out for that day. She thought she was loosing her mind. She would go to take one for the day and it was already gone. I would just laugh and tell her she was absent minded. One month I did that for a week straight, every day. Tadaa.. She got pregnant. She was very upset at first, she cried etc. Now our son is 13 and it the light of her life. And yes when he was about 2 y/o i told her what I did. She was mad at first but now we laugh about it. I suspect your story will have a happy ending. Just don't tell him until after you get pregnant. Enjoy!!!

  • Keep on trucking!! You are the one who will be morning sick and carry the child for nine months, and probably do the majority of the child care. I am a male.

  • Your marriage is doomed. When he leaves you for someone else, know that you only have yourself to blame.

  • awe, couldnt you just tell the poor guy
    and maybe he'll understand.

  • Wow, that is messed up. Being deceitful is not a good thing. He is going to think there is something wrong with one of you! You need to be honest with your husband, he deserves it. Besides, your reasons for not wanting a child are not unreasonable, but you should not be lying about it!

  • then hooking up with a chick that will be honest with him isn't wrong either.

  • I dont think its wrong either. Good on you

  • wow, that's a huge lie...reverse the situation for a moment, I bet you would feel a bit'll feel like having kids when he gets sick of trying with you and find someone else who is keen to have a family...good luck!

  • So true to the last commenter. I thank God I'm not lucky like him.

  • Oh yeah he's real lucky. He's being lied to, decieved and his wife sucks. He's real real real lucky.

  • Your husband doesn't know how lucky he is! What a moron.

  • Just cut the lying crap and tell him that you CAN'T have one for at least 3 more years. If that kills the marriage its better to break it off early.
    Besides, how long did you date? How long were you engaged?

  • Be careful Honey, my wife got one of those things and she wound up sterile.

  • it doesn't hurt. i also got one

  • Yeah at least be honest about it. Trick!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Why don't you just tell him you're not ready instead of letting him believe you may be infertile?

  • Hey does it hurt to get an IUD?

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