I set up an email account to swop dirty emails

I'm a virgin and in love with this guy (lets call him T) for four years... Who says we are just friends.

I set up a fake email account to exchange dirty talk with someone I met online and who does not know my real identity. We have roleplayed sexual scenarios in the emails... Talked about oral s** and penetrative s**... I do not know his real name and he does not know mine...

So why do I feel like I cheated on T when he says we are going to be nothing more than friends? And is it wrong to have set up the email account to dirty email the stranger?

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  • Email me if u want m 35

  • I'd like to make it a 3 some

  • You're cool nothing wrong with a little dirty talk if it turns you on, just enjoy while you can and you shouldn't feel like your cheating on T when all he see's you is as a friend.

  • I agree with this post: it's as right as can be. Have fun.

  • I think what your doing is realy great. And the dirtier it is the better it is.


  • I apologize for all the dismissive and ridiculous responses you got to your sincere message: you deserved better.

    The answer to both your questions is clear: it's no. No, you aren't cheating, and no, it wasn't wrong to set up the account. You're young, you're blossoming, you're exploring, you're experimenting, and you're having fun. Let the relationship with "T" evolve in whatever why it will, and have fun with the sexually-tinged emails. Don't let some vague societal standard keep you from finding out how the world works. And don't let anyone --- here, or in your life --- make you feel guilty or make you worry about your choices. As they say, worry is interest paid on a debt that never comes due.

  • You should be apologizing for your own damn dumbass self. Puhleze mr. thinks he knows it all and is such a pompous half wit.

  • Oh, Richard................

  • How did you know I was Richard???

  • You need Jesus to clean your dirty mind. That's what you need.

    - Ms. Polly

  • I totally agree. You shouldn't do everything for a guy who wont do everything for you.

  • T sounds like a real drag....move on

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