I have a micropenis

I am grown man with a micropenis. I am straight. I really want other straight guys aged 18-30 to talk to about it. If anyone wants to talk to me let me know. I kind of need support from guys who could offer tips from experience or what not. I'll even talk to guys who are just curious about what its like to have a micropenis or guys that are worried about their own size and want to feel better about themselves. I wouldn't mind even hearing from guys that are larger sized who want to compare to someone who is a micropenis. I just really need someone to talk to via email. If you want to talk let me know your email address.

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  • As a man with a micropenis, do you feel it's important to make a gratitude list? I.e. Being grateful you're not in a wheelchair, thankful for having two arms and two legs? Etc.

  • I'm a women who has a tiny little p**** inside my v*****. I was born with a little d*** and a v*****. I believe I am part male & part female (mostly female). I like my little d***, even though I can't use it.

  • What are you genetically?

  • Here's a tip: Be sure to tell her before the pants come off. You don't need to spill it on the first date (unless you plan to get naked at the end of it) but by the second or third you should let her know what she's in for. No sense wasting time with someone who can't deal with it. Don't be apologetic or coy about it either. It's not your fault. Just be frank and explain that if she's willing to stick around you'll show her just how many ways there are for a man to please a woman.

  • Thanks. I've always been upfront beforehand for that specific reason. I don' want to waste my time with someone who can't accept it. I give them the chance o walk away. So far the few women I've been with haven't but it is usually some type of problem later. The truth is that I'm defective down there and there are only certain women that want to be with someone like me.

  • There are some emails of micro guys herehttp://www.micropenis.info/p/micropenis-photos.html

  • Http://www.micropenis.info/p/micropenis-photos.html

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