I was painfully shy around women

Took me years to get over it. Sad part is I was a good looking guy, I worked out a lot. I had a great career as a NYC investment banker and dressed really well.

I met plenty of women, but never learned how to react to women who made overt advances on me. My brain would shut down and I'd go back to being the fat, shy, awkward kid I was at 12.

I had a smoking hot Hooter's waitress in Palm Beach write her number on the back of my credit card receipt, didn't call her. I had a 22 year old new girl in my group ask for my help on something then she proceeded to rub her t*** against my arm. I had an attractive blonde flight attendant start giving me a neck rub as she asked about a good place for a drink that night in NY. Women I did meet and had s** with were ones I'd meet in a more relaxed setting with friends or that I knew for awhile.

Funny thing is, that I was insane in the hours I worked because I still saw myself as the fat, shy, awkward kid.

Can't change the past but damn did I waste numerous chances.

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  • Wow...I can totally relate to this. I use to be a chubby person most of my life. But the last 5 years, I lost a lot of weight and I'm very different now.

    I actually started going on random blind dates on Craigslist and that really helped.

    However, once a chubby kid, always a chubby kid. Its something we have to keep with us the rest of our lives. I like to think it will make us more humble in our lives.

  • Wow, same thing happened to me, but I'm a girl. I used to be fat when I was 13 and 14 years old, but then I started to work out and now I like my body, but I can't talk to guys. Whenever some guy talks to me I just mumble some random s*** and I just wish I hadn't opened my mouth at all, lol.

    I don't know how you got over it, but I wish I could do it too.

  • I got over it by dating someone who finally got me and through a therapist making me realize I wasn't that kid anymore. After that I had complete confidence around women and wouldn't think twice about flirting with an attractive woman. Met my wife on a bus when she slipped and sat down next to me. Immediately started chatting and talked her into getting off before her stop for a drink.

  • so simple to cure your shyness too:

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