My cousin and I

When I was around 11 and my cousin was 9 we started to show interest in each other. We would hold hands and cuddle together. The first time we had an experience together. We both woke up on the couch. And she asked for a back rub. So I sat on her a s s and started to rub her back. Eventually I made it down to her lower back. And later to her a s s so I moved back onto her legs. And started to rub the top of her a s s. Right before I pulled her jeans down I asked if it was ok and she said it felt good and too keep going. I was eleven so I didn't know what to do. So I just kept rubbing. I didn't know what to do but I remember that was the first time I got hard for my cousin eventually we went back to spooning. There's is more stories because this is just the beginning.

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  • Love you both in my bed I would show you what to do

  • My cousin f***** me like I was his toy. He was a big stud on football team. I was scrawny and a year younger but we had always been buddies. Hunting, fishing and camping together. We messed around from the time we were both younger. He hit puberty and his c*** got huge. I was a late bloomer and that’s when I really became his fucktoy. B******* before school. A*** after.
    He dated a girl in my grade for a while and told me about them f****** all the time. He also told her I was cool so when they broke up we started dating. About the third date she makes the first move by grabbing my c***. I give her a good f****** but it’s nothing like Wes did to her. She Tarted telling me about how he could f*** her and an hour later it still felt like he was inside. I didn’t tell her, but I knew that feeling exactly. I can still remember what felt like a gallon of c** running down my leg when he dropped me off at tennis practice one afternoon. I smelled like ass and c**.

  • Good little f*** toy wish I had my c*** in you

  • Me and my cousin had s**. We suppose to be camping but went swimming. She and I walked up the river to inter tube back. On the walk we stopped so I could bend her over a stump.

  • I f***** my cousin one night. It was the dead of winter and there was a big ice storm. Everyone's powered was out because of down powered lines. My grandma is on home dialysis so she has a home generator because if the power goes out she will die. The whole family ended up at grandma's house. Seven sets of aunt and uncle's and the kids. Grandma doesn't have a large house so needless to say we all pulled up a spot on the floor. Me being the introvert I decided to sleep in the closet. Sasha my cousin seen me slip into the closet so she came in to ask what I was doing. I told her and she asked if she could join me. I wanted to say no, but sasha is older than me. She has nice t*** and I could see them through her nightgown. She laid down in front of me and I snuggled in behind her. We talked for a while until the conversation turned to s**. My d*** got hard so I tried to pull away to hide it but she knew what was going on. She asked me if I wanted to slip it in. I told her to pull down her panties and I would but she said she wasn't wearing any panties. She pulled up her nightgown and I slid it in from behind. I moved slow so no one would hear us. Then I told her I was about to c** and was going to pull out, but she said do it in me, I'm on the pill. I had to clinch my teeth ask I shot a load in her p****. That was the only time we ever had s**.

  • Was she a good f***?

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