That I am a virgin. That I am 22 years old and never had a boyfriend. I know my friends look out for me by saying how
"pretty" and "beautiful" I am. But sometimes I want to go into a club and pull the first guy I'm attracted to and just f*** the h*** out of him. Being a virgin somehow is dramatically ruining my life. And I'm sick of masterbating because I'm alone. And i'm tired of being alone.

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  • Better to find a fit, older, intelligent man above 40 to do this. Let him know you are a virgin and want to have him help you "cure" this condition. He will take more time, know how to do it so it is painless. I learned how to do this from older women when I was a teenager. I have never had a girl feel pain, or bleed. Hymens can be stretched, but it takes patience. Older guys are more interested in getting to spend 6 hours in bed with hours of foreplay, young guys too often worry that their beer is getting cold and the game will be over. Guys in a bar, usually bad idea. Unless you try a very upscale hotel bar and go for a fit older man.

  • No shame. Virgin male here at 20. You know what to say to the world that tells you you have to not be a virgin? *both middle fingers* you don't need that s*** girl. You have so much to live for. I'm not telling you how to live, but I'm saving it for marriage to prove that I love her more then just for s**. To prove that I'm not like the world is. And to all those that will hate... Bite me.

    I got bigger plans then attaching myself to someone I'm not going to spend the rest of my life with. It affects you. I know a lot of you are gonna disagree, but you know it's true.

    Straight Edge. Don't like it? Meet me in the streets poser.

  • Wow really to lets get. Funky lol jk

  • OMG girl stop stressing it relax, I mean is this a personal choice for you are you waiting for marriage or simply the right guy, relax he will come along, but if you do want to loose it that bad do not pick a random guy seriously too many diseases out there, I would have to agree with evilmaka, n ask your best guy friend im sure he will want to

  • Wow ur missing in a lot l****

  • I'm 20 year old guy and never kissed a girl and I feel much the same way you do lol.

  • No boyfriend and 22 yo female...I hope no guy ever married you, cause you must be one cold b****.

  • well hun here is a bit of advice for you :). do you have a good guy friend that's single? well if you do and you trust him, then why not talk to him about that? and maybe ask if he would take it? h*** i lost it to my best friend and since then its been great. so why not try it, will get the whole virgin thing out of the way XD. good luck :D

  • Sw Florida???

  • Your not from the UK are you

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