I never believed in love at first sight.......

......until I met Delia on Memorial Day weekend. I went with my girlfriend (who lives with me) to a cookout for her work, and the minute I met Delia I knew I was in love. She's not as shapely as my girlfriend, not nearly as young, not as beautiful, and she doesn't have as big a rack, but there's just something between us. And she knows it and feels it, too, especially when we're in bed together. Unfortunately, she's married. But she feels what I feel, and she wants us to start a relationship and maybe even a family, because we both know that we are supposed to be together somehow and we want to try and see what happens. If nothing happens, then we haven't done anything to hurt the relationships we already have, but we both know that something is going to happen, and something already has. I thought love at first sight was a joke, or some sort of poetic concept, but it's real. Oh, dear sweet mother of Christ how it's real.

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  • Delia sounds like a real 'ho, which is just what every guy needs in his life. And you're going to really need her when your girlfriend finds out about you guys because Delia has bragged to the other girls at work that she's hooking up with your girlfriend's man (you, of course) and then one of them tells your girlfriend and another one of them tells Delia's husband and another one tells her kids and another one posts it online. Yeah, it's gonna be a real party. Enjoy yourselves while you can..............because this is about to get UGLY.

  • That's really sweet, and it's lovely to hear.
    There's a saying I think can apply to your situation...

    "If you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you truly loved the first, you wouldn't have fallen for the second." - Johnny Depp.

  • haha...you are such a loser

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