I love you

I was telling the truth when I said it was just a physical crush but in the last few months, I have fallen for you. When you text, call or message me, all I want to do is tell you I love you. I love you C.

Jun 30, 2012

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  • A physcial crush is that another name for a dose of the horn

  • That makes me very happy, except for the fact that it sounds like you think I don't feel the same. But I do. So let's stop pretending we aren't in love. We are.

  • If only it really were him saying it. But thanks for the attempt.

  • Are we not really in love with each other? Am I that dismissive? Do you not sense what I feel for you when we are in the presence of one another? Can't you tell it's more than just physical desire? You know I want you, and I know you want me: can't we start there and see what nature brings to us?

    A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

  • Considering we are both married... nope.

  • If it's love, then that shouldn't be a permanent impediment. A hurdle, yes, but not one that's insurmountable.

  • but is it? or is it infatuation? its all so complicated

  • Yes, it’s complicated. It’s life, and it’s always complicated. And confusing. And challenging.

    Still........you think it’s love (or may be), and I think it’s love, so it seems to me that we owe it to ourselves and to each other to see if it is, don’t you think? I mean, how much true love does a person encounter in life, up close? Not much, in my view.

    I know what you’re thinking, and I agree: the word “affair” has such horrible connotations, and casts the participants in such an unfavorable light, but that is not what this would be. First, we’ve known each other for some time, and second, we already have feelings for one another that, while they certainly include the physical, also certainly include much more. And you cannot possibly argue the contrary: I know you too well. And third, if we were to try to develop a relationship, it wouldn’t be cheating in the conventional sense. I realize that you’re saying to yourself right now, “well, of COURSE, it’s cheating you idiot.......because we’re married to other people!” But I think you have inside you – as I do – the feeling that it is you and I who are the couple in this scenario, who are closer than most married couples, and that our marriages are actually the settings where the cheating occurs: I’m cheating on you in mine, and you’re cheating on me in yours. You feel that, too. I’m certain of it.

    So, here’s what I propose (and no, I do not shy away from that word in this situation, because this one may well lead to another more-customary one....and quickly): that we soon find a way to spend an entire night together, away from home, away from family obligation, away from prying eyes and far away from spouses. Alone. Naked. In bed. All night. Making love, and engaging in the types of sensual and sexual acts that our spouses long ago began depriving us of, thereby diminishing not only our appetites, but our lives. I want you. And I know you want me. I want to be with you, next to you, in you. In you. IN YOU. And then out. And then in and out and in and out and in and out, until you beg me to stop, repeatedly, knowing that I won’t stop. Not ever. Only when you beg for me to stop will I, and then only to return to ministering to your needs orally; licking, kissing, probing, sucking, pleasing you with my tongue and my lips, over and over and over. And then, when you can take no more of being eaten, I’ll turn you over, face down on the bed of our hotel or B&B out of town, and begin to eat that other sweet, warm, delicious hole of yours. You know I want that, too, and you should know I can please you in ways and to degrees that you cannot possibly imagine.

    Naturally, we will begin the physical part of the relationship using condoms, for safety and predictability. But I want you to know something, darling: eventually – not soon but eventually – I’m going to ask you, while you’re laying naked in my arms, if you will allow me to take you without anything in between us, even if only once or twice. I’m going to ask you to think about it for awhile, and give me your answer. And in between, I’m going to try to convince you that we should have a child of our own, even if you never leave your husband, because I want you to be the mother of my favorite child, the child I will love the most, because he or she came from you. And from our love.

    Yes.......I love you.

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