Dating those older and younger than...


That "age aint nothing but a number" is all bullshit..

I understand that you and him "have alot in common" but when ur in highschool and this dude is in college and is 3 to 5+ years your senior..he's just there to f*** ur little naive brains out. If u really think he wants to waste time building a "relationship" with ur twilight loving ass, continue lying on ur f****** back in the name of "love".

Dude u dating anyone more than 2 yrs below or above ur age makes u a f****** pedo in my book. Seen high school seniors trying to date the freshman and hearing how highschool freshman girls talking about their college boyfriends. I find it pityful the pieces of s*** pedos can't get with any one of the girls from your graduating class or the one behind you.

I understand that sometimes there are times where a relationship like that really is for feelings and common interests, but be serious for the most part. He's f****** you in his car cause u were the dumb one out of ur friends to think he "actually likes" you for u and not for what's in ur pants.

Dude you are a sick f*** for trying to date some girl who's barely able to drink. Girls say that they date older guys because they are "mature". Well, if that's the case stop trying to f*** girls u have to ask if they're older than 18 and grown the f*** up to date women UR OWN AGE u f***** pedophile!

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  • Lmao..WHAT? 2 years younger or older and your a predator?
    You are a blithering uneducated R-E-T-A-R-D who doesn't know the definition of what a pedophile truly is. Go jump off a cliff instead of venting your preachy nonsense to strangers over the Internet who obviously don't agree with you. It's useless.

  • What your saying is pedophilia clearly is not .... educate yourself

  • I'm 23 and my husband is 30. We've been married for two blissful years, and let me tell you, older men > younger men. Older men are more experienced with their emotions and are less likely to do stupid s***. Fact. They're more experienced in other, more superficial ways as well, but those are just perks. My husband and I have a very trusting and respectful relationship, something I could NOT find with boys my age.

  • hey i have the right to voice my opinion and my opinion is that i think it's sick for creeps to try to date younger and pretty much dumber ppl under the illusionized impression of "love".

    Girls want to date older guys for "maturity" and "love" while older guys just wanna f*** some dumb piece of ass.. OPINION STATED

  • No one said you can't voice your opinion, I think the comment was just like saying ok you spoke now it's my turn to speak, if older men only wanna f*** a dumb piece of ass then your dumb ass is what they would be f******.

  • >No one said you can't voice your opinion

    Golf clap for you, little buddy. Someone sane has finally spoken up about money- and attention-hungry little girls and saggy old guys who want to feel virile one more time, and the rest of you can't handle it.


  • Ok now you spoke you peace... You need to sit your yappa yapp ass down and take care of your own affairs and stop meddling in other people business that ain't none of your concern!!
    Age gap relationships have been around since the dawn of human history for that matter adult/child relationships included and it's only been within the recent past that some people have perverted the true nature of human relationships and sexuality by convincing the majority of ignorant sheeple who didn't posses the mental capacity to think for themselves, and oppted instead to believe in and follow the societal ideas of that time, alot of which was influenced by the feminest movement...

    It doesn't break my heart to see that now a days, this oppressive, unnatural, perverted belief system is slowly but surely becoming a dying breed of the past

  • Keep telling yourself that. You probably also believe there are 64.9 genders and every single black person in the world is oppressed by every single white person, no exceptions. Stupid people like you need to become mass-shooting statistics more often :)

  • older dating younger has always been hot and it will always be hot. just stop with all the hating.

  • You're trying to establish an absolute rule in a world where defying the rules is considered an artform and defying convention is considered a pleasure: would that it weren't true, but it is. People are attracted to one another for all sorts of reasons, some good, some not. I agree that people ought not try to have s** for bad reasons, but you're not going to keep that from happening by carving age-regulations in stone, as well-intentioned as they may be. Sorry.

  • hey, it's called confessionpost for a reason..

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