I think i may be a pervert):

I am a 17yr old male. Currently in a relationship with a 17yr girl. Tho I think I might be a Pervert. There's a girl in my neighborhood who is friends with my little sister. The girl just turned 13 . But for the 2yr ive been in the neighborhood ive always Kinda stalked her. Every morning I watch her get her family's mail. I think she thinks no one watching cause she dances wihile getting it . She has long dark brown hair with light brown highlights. I watch her when she jumps on the trampoline and often j*** off to the thoughts of her tight small p**** bouncing up nd down on my d***.when I drop off my sister to play with her I sometimes act as if I'm leaving but stay and watch her thru their windows. Once when she came over our house I watched her use the bathroom
. It was Kinda like a show Cuz she kept dancing and shaking her ass. Ive never really had any thoughts like this especially of a younger girl. I think I might have problems.

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  • Lay off a little bit mate. It is a little stalky. You should however definetly seek help. Your not breaking any laws but it obviously isnt normal to act that way. Not even around any girl tbh. Just keep it PG

  • There was a little 8-year-old girl who had a major crush on me a few years ago. And she was so damned hot I now regret not getting up the nerve to have a go at her. Even now, I still j*** off to thoughts of how tight her little p**** would have been.

  • This guy is not stalking this girl in any way shape or form, he's not bothering her, trying to make contact or being a burden to her she probably doesn't even notice he's watching her, if anything he's just admiring her from afar.

    To: the OP, dude you have no problem seems more like the people with negative comments are the one's that have a problem, but don't let then get you down just do your thing and let these societal robots believe what they want to.

  • You're not a pervert, you are probably just confused, but i advise that you dont try to do anything to her..if you think you like younger girls, maybe go for someone older than 12/13, maybe 15/16, 16..because they can acyually give consent...try to stop watching this girl and your feelings may blow over

  • You sir are a pervert.

  • Well I'd rather be a pervert then a societal conditioned idiot, who can't think for themselves. thank you!

  • Uhhh thanx for tht tho I think I know tht

  • dude listen i dont know why people are saying this is normal... because it is not. I dont think your a pervert but i do think you should get some help because it is creepy to watch someone go to the bathroom aand get their mail... srry to put it harsh but ur kinda a stalker... and you expessially souldnt do this if your in a relationship thats horrible... now it is normal to fancy a younger girl i doubt that but... to stalk them is another thing and i think u should seek help...

  • Hey Confused, have you ever experienced feelings, thoughts or fantasy's about humping a young girl? if you haven't then your the creepy one and need to get some help because most 17 year old boys as well as men would check out a 12 year old girl whether they admit it or not, but if you wouldn't even think about sneaking a peek at a young sweet thing then there is something really odd about you..

  • Naa you're not, we all've watched a young girl use the bathroom in are house. You're normal :) or we're all pervs :o

  • Haha thanks I think...

  • everyone stfu about him being a pervert you guys and gals had the same feelings when you were you older or younger

  • You're not a pervert so don't let it bother you, perverted means abnormal or unnatrual if anything is perverted it's the way a group of stupid ass people from the past have convinced society that age gap/child adult romantic or sexual relationships were wrong, these are the people who are actually perverted in their way of thinking, they have twisted the natrual essence(attitudes, emotions, desires and functions)of human sexuality around to make it seem like it is something wrong, disgusting, and dirty, something to be ashamed of, when in reality age gap/child adult romantic or sexual relationships have been around since the beganning of human history and are just a natrual and normal part of human sexuality, and to that there is nothing shameful, disgusting, nasty, dirty or perverted about it.
    Don't be h****** yourself because you have no problem or issues, it's those people who condemn you for what you feel, believe or your sexual orientation, that have unresolved issues deep rooted within their ownselves that prevent them from understanding that although we are all human being we are also individuals with different desires, wants and needs. open up your eyes and minds people and don't allow these out dated beliefs of the past to continue perverting the natrual reality of our huamn essence..

  • Stalked..pedophile....

  • I kno thx >_<

  • Its real I kno I hav issues):

  • you are so f****** normal...we all did that!

  • Just realised this is quite normal.
    Although I was younger probably around the age of 13-15 when I felt this.
    I've still thought about it before.

  • this has got to be fake or you have serious issues

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