Becoming a real problem

My gf's little sister is starting to look so good to me. she started dressing sexier than she used to and i just look at her like all the time when were all together because i cant help it. and i think about her all the time even when shes not around because i cant help it either. i used to m********* to my gf and some other girls but now i only think about the gf's sister when i do that and nobody else. my gf doesnt know anything is up but her little sister i think knows ive started wanting her instead of my gf just by the way she notices me looking and how she smiles and all. she told my gf that she was going to break up with her bf when school is over and told her to be sure to tell me that. i dont know if thats a sign or not. all i know is that ive started to want the little sister real bad and i know its wrong and not fair to my gf but i think somethings going to happen between me and my gf's little sister this summer, if it doesnt start sooner, and it wont just be a 1-time thing either. if you saw the two of them youd understand why its getting to be such a problem because the little sister looks so much better now than she used to and soooooo much better than my gf. shes really unbelievable and so sexy.

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  • U ned 2 move get the bitchs cherry

  • Go 4 her great 2 hav sisters

  • no you dont see shes not a child shes a jr and will be a sr next year. me and my gf are graduating in like 3 wks. and thats a part of the problem. even tho the younger sister dates a guy older than me already i dont know if i can date a girl in school while im in college starting in the summer. it just looks weird i think. but anyways shes not just some kid she dresses and acts like a grown up too.

  • She is only a child. You should kill yourself or cut off your testicles you filthy a******.

  • you're an ass. hope your gf breaks up with you soon too.

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