What an idiot

I'm a teenager, and I feel like I've been making bad choices lately. Drinking, Smoking, Lying to my Parents. When I thought about all of the bad decisions, I became overwhelmed with sadness and wanted to talk to one of my friends. But my best friend is in France, and I didn't want to ruin my other friends' holiday with my problems. So in a moment of weakness I broke down and told my mom everything. Now I feel like that was the DUMBEST thing I could ever have done. I'm worried she won't ever trust me again. UGH I just really should have waited. Instead of feeling better, I feel ten times worse.

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  • I did all those things when I was a teenager. Now I am fifty and succesful. You are learning and gaining wisdom.

  • The word 'teenager' is synonymous with 'making poor decisions'. Anybody that DIDN"T make poor decisions was a pretty lousy teenager. Smoking and drinking?? Big deal. Did you rob a store? Are you hooked on heroin? Are you pregnant or get a girl pregnant? Then those decisions are pretty 'normal' for a teenager. Whether your mom trusts you depends more on your mom-like somebody said, she should trust you more-except that she may know your best friend was away and she was second or third choice.

    Either way, your getting close to the age when a parents trust will be the last thing on your mind. So for now, just don't sweat it. You WILL feel worse, when every time you go out she wants to know if your drinking and smoking-thats what parents do. The only way, at least for now, to NOT feel worse, is to NOT smoke, NOT drink, and what was the other, not tell lies. Good luck.

  • when will this happen (not the author) my sister has gotten prego 8 times now, addicted to kokane, stole tons of s***, already been sent to rehab (what good that did) still on trial for agrivated assault, and drinks still. when the f*** will she grow up
    this has been going on for about 4 years now.
    oh to top it all of she says im imature becausei
    dont like weed, dont drink with her, dont steel, dont fight, and playing alot of video games and doing school work
    anyone else like this?

  • Ah well sure.
    Better to let it out than keep it in.
    It will just build up inside of you until you explode, so you had to speak with someone.
    It's kind of brave telling your mother all those things. Personally, I would probably chicken out and avoid telling my parents only because I would want them to feel proud of me not share what I had done wrong lmao.
    But if you're ready for the consequences, you've told the right person...Lol. She may yell at you and be against what choices you made only because she cares and wanted the best for you.
    But you know you've been making bad choices and you feel bad for what you've done. So your mother will probably see this as well and feel worried of how you feel rather than the choices you've made and then will try helping you.

  • you are one stupid mother f*****

  • Thank you. I needed that.

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