Painful love

I fell in love with the wrong guy. I'm pushing him away and acting like someone I don't know. I'm clingy and even obsessive and he's the only guy that has ever made me feel this way. Once I realized how attached I was to him, I ran. Now he finally has a job which I've been asking him to do for a year now, but he barely talks to me when we're not physically together. I got scared when he wasn't responding to my calls or texts so I think I broke up with him in a text. Since then, he's been avoiding my communications. I'm stupid and selfish and foolish and pathetic. I'm so upset over this and I'm the one who messed it all up. I keep doing this in my relationships and even though this guy isn't perfect, I love him. And I've driven him away. We're on completely different paths in life and it could never work out and we both know this, but when there is little in life that makes me happy, losing him just hurts too much.

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  • My guess is that you pushed the guy away and acted like someone you're not because lets face you didnt want him finding out what you're really like (clingy). You thought being clingy wasnt a good quality you felt like you weren't good enough for him and thought he would find out sooner or later so you panic and dump him.
    You don't even tell him how you feel directly..
    This is all based on fear. Am I right?

    He has a reason to be p***** if you avoid him and treat him like what you have been.
    You need to learn how to be more direct in your relationships and gain some self confidence.

    I don't think you're ready for a relationship yet if you feel fearful in them.

  • I feel sorry for the next 10 men who try to give you a chance for are toxic!

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