Tencion in my mind affecting in my relationship

My boyfriend is so sweet and charming man. He is so nice handsome and everything a woman can dream of having. Our relationship is fantastic except this little problem inside my head. I am a narsist. Not so badly but still. I do not prefer myself better than everyone else or expect any kind of special treatment. I just can not control the violent monster inside me. Sometimes when we argue i would like to hit him so hard and shout him how pathetic he is. I would like to dominate him on every way i can possibly do. I do think i have got a serious problem but he tries to convince me that i am just overreacting and i can not be serious with my words. I do have some empathy in me but most of the times i really have to thing how would other people feel on the situations i go through. I am trying to control myself but is really hard for me. I believe that the feelings i have towards my boyfriend are love and care but i cannot be sure because i do not know how love feels. I believe that i love him but i do not want to do this ln him. He does not deserve the monster i carry inside of me, or the horrible things it is able to do. I am an intelligent person and can really think these things through. He loves me i love him but i am afraid. What should i do?

Jul 8, 2012

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  • All the therapy in the world will not 'cure' the problem, because it has spiritual roots. Get on your knees, and ask Jesus Christ of Nazareth to come into the core of your heart, forgive your sin, and give you His Holy Spirit, for your spirit of violence. Then, find a church that preaches the full gospel of Jesus Christ, and read your Bible regularly.
    God bless you, and remember, "All things are possible with God". :)

  • I'm the sane way.. I've actually beat one of my ex boyfriends. We dated 5yrs. I guess I got comfortable.
    When I would get mad at him I'd fist him in the face. I still haven't gotten help. My boyfriend now I constantly scream at. I, WE, need help.

  • ok, doll...go to youtube.com....search: eft tapping anger

  • F*** couples therapy! YOU HAVE an anger problem! You are really mad about something, and you know what it is. Think back to when you were 7-9 yrs old....THINK....yeah, that's it. Stop treating your guy like the enemy...he is probably planning his escape as I type this!

  • The two of you should go to couples therapy together and discuss the many issues here, openly and with a view toward working on both of you. He sounds like a good catch, and I think you are not a monster by any means, and I think the two of you can make a fantastic couple.

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