World's worst parent

My kid is a newer walker, I've been trying to be good about letting him walk on his own instead of carrying him everywhere. Yesterday I thought he was following me as I walked the hallway to his room, but he didn't. I turned around in just enough time to see him lose his balance and fall down some stairs. I couldn't move fast enough, he fell and I watched the entire thing in horror. He's fine- not hardly a mark, no harm at all. But I keep seeing him fall again and again in my head, it's like a waking nightmare. I feel like such an idiot parent, and so ashamed that I didn't prevent it from happening. The fact that he's perfectly healthy and unharmed is truely a blessing. I just wish the memory would leave my brain.

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  • My cousin and aunt

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  • You worry too much. when my own son was learning to walk he toddled after his mom as she went out onto the patio to water plants and fell flat on his face on the cement deck. This happened right in fron to me and it was horrifiying at first. But no real damage happened and you move on. Little ones learning to walk are going to fall, get used to it s*** happens.

  • Don't beat yourself up,there is a reason little ones can be surprisingly durable. Every parent I know has a similar story. It's tough to swallow,but one day that baby will be all grown and out in the world on their own,so falling down some stairs won't seem so bad anymore. Enjoy life,and enjoy your family,don't let your guilt spoil the fleeting time you have to enjoy your little toddler they grow up so fast.

  • That was lucky. I would of been s*** scared too, any parent who cares about their child would! :)
    Don't beat yourself up about it. Just help prevent your child from doing the same thing again.
    Do you have a gate at the top and/or bottom of your stairs so that your child doesnt attempt to climb up or go down them? Like a safety gate.
    Not only will it stop your child from entering those danger zones but it will also stop you from worrying.
    Take a look at this site above it shows you what the gate looks like

    Hope this helps :)

  • It wasn't ur fault he is a kid n all kids fall at one point

  • Kids fall. Don't be so h****** yourself. Thankfully, he's not hurt. When they're learning to walk, they are super fast! It's actually crazy how fast they are. Maybe put a baby gate near the stairs and place him in a playpen or corner off a safe play area when you have to leave the room for a moment.

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