I hate myself

I honestly feel like no one will ever fall in love with me. I find myself completely repulsive and I can never understand why anyone would want to fall in love with me...

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  • There is a special someone for everyone. I believe you will find that out. I also believe you are being too h****** yourself.

  • You might not see yourself as attractive or anything coz in our heads we look a certain way. I can see where your coming from, I feel the same way myself at times. But then again, you might not think yourself beautiful but someone out there thinks your the most beautiful person in the world <3

  • I bet you are adoreable in some way.

  • I've felt the same way for the longest time, but what you might find absolutely disgusting another may find to be the most attractive thing about you. It's reasonable for you to feel insecure but don't ever say that you're not worthy of love, because everybody is. So take it from me, things do get better whether you may see it or not. Now I cannot say exactly how or when things will start to turn up, but I promise that they will. I hope I've helped you at least a little bit

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