I don't think I'm interested in s**. I mean, I keep trying to force my body to be interested in stuff like that, but it's just not. I make up reasons why I would never be able to find a relationship and I lament about it, crying like a b**** basically. "I'll never find love because x" but the truth is, I'm just not interested. The reason I'm so sad about it is that I know I'm missing something everyone else has--sexual desire. I mean, I look at p********** and I m*********, but I have no desire to have s** with anyone.

Seriously, I'm that annoying suicidal friend who calls you drunk at 4 in the morning crying about how he'll never find a girlfriend blah blah blah emo when you're thinking "this guy must be gay deep down." I'm not gay deep down. I don't need to f*** people, and I've been depressed because I'm a freak of nature and that's why I can't connect with a woman~! Yay celibacy!

Luckily, I met a group of people who are also naturally celibate, so I don't have to be alone forever! :D You know, people who actually value relationships above sexual intercourse!


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  • I certainly do. My wife !!!

  • I think I know just how you feel, or at least pretty close. I try to imagine getting a guy in bed, but it just seems like it'd be awkward and uncomfortable. I thought about other girls, and though that appealed to me more, I couldn't really imagine MYSELF in a a sexual situation. I think it's just the idea of a loving relationship without the necessity of repeating sexual interactions that appeals to me. I don't know, maybe I'm just a weirdo? Either way, I just can't really give a s*** about s*******. Whatever.


  • Yeah I know what you feel like. I feel the same. Truly speaking, I feel like girlfriends are just trouble. They just want to have s** all the time and they eat you food, waste your time etc.

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