Is it love??

I think i might love this guy he isnt really that good looking and he is kinda rude but i still really like him! we have the same intresed and he super easy to talk to!! but he has this crush on my not so identical twin sister (she just so happens to be way prettyer then me)and i think he just thinks of me as a friend :/ how am i supposed to just not love him he is in all my classes and he always eats lunch with me and my friends should i just hang out with my other friends when he is around or should i try and get him to like me?? life is confusing :( feel free to coment adivce and/or opions

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  • Just try and get him to like you, if you see that is not working (he is not on you) you should forget him and hang out with your others friends. I'm really sure that there's a lot of awesome guys that deserve you.

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