My bestfriend is like my brother but i am in love with him

I have a bestfriend he os 15 and i am 15. We both goto the same school and hang out a lot. I started liking him in 5th grade, but i never told him. I told him last summer ('11). He said it was cool, but that he disnt feel the same anymore. I let it go. We are best friends he is like my brother. He stays at my house borrows my car, phone, money, and random stuff. When he stays we flirt a lot but we dont do anything. He knows all of my secrets and i know all of his. He knows i am a virgin and i know how many girls he has f*****. Ha gross but thats how close we are. When he stays the night we both talk and sleep in the same bed. I have a boyfriend but i actually think im in love with my bestfriend. I dont want to tell him because he thinks i got off that boat a long time ago. We see each often and text everyday. He calls me during school to wake me up and when were gonna goto sleep he says," i love you". But i dont know how to take it. He calls me sis and i call him bubba. And when we text he always sends ;)'s and <3's. When we talk about our secrets and about a guy i would be interested in he will always say he is a bad idea or something negative and doesnt like me dating. Is it like an instinct, over-protection,or does he have feelings for me? I am so confused and he is coming over tomorrow to swim and stay the night for the weekend including sunday. Help me please

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  • if you are still going through this at the time of this comment; honestly I feel that he does have feelings for you, but bc of how close yall are he cant bring himself to do anything about it. cherish this friendship you two share, it seems legit and very meaningful. Keep the friendship strong; if he is a true friend, he will continue to be good to you, and if he gets feelings for you, it will come out. If it is meant to happen it will. You already laid down the foundation; He is a man and eventually though he will have to define whether or not anything is going to become of this. It is sad to say, but where you two are at right now is something that just cant plain exist at the adult level as yall get older. It IS possible that your best friend becomes your boyfriend/husband in the end. With time that point will be defined. As always, keep your options open. you are young, there is still much to learn and experience. I speak from experience, as the woman I am dating and in love with was once in the same position you are in right now with me. If things do come to light and he does love you, you may have one of the strongest relationships ever. Let it develop more with time. If there is love it will come. In the meantime keep yourself busy and live life

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