Imaginary boyfriend?pillow?

Okay, so my boyfriend is 100% imaginary lol. but, i have an online boyfriend that i have been dating for about ... 9 months now.. and you know it hard because we dont get to see eachother like other couples do. So, im always kissing my pillow and talking to it as if its him... and humling it...and huging it likes its him. I even go really far.. and put a pillow on top of me while i m*********.. and kiss it and pretend its him. when ever i watch tv, i put a pillow behind me and talk to it as if hes here with me. lol dont judge please, i never get to see him:(

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  • Hey,it's nothing wrong in getting excited with your pillow(you's man). I'm dating a women online who's far away, i use my pillow like you do and make love to it like it was her. Have fun girl!

  • OMG. I used to do that. Well not EVERYTHING you do....Then I found the love of my life who filled that void. Now it's empty again :(

  • Hey you are just daydreaming nothing wrong with that. Who hasn't had a crush on a fictional character or someone they only have seen online from the opposite coast? Life goes on.

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