What does a girl have too do??

Whats a girl have too do to get a sugar daddy.. I really want to be spoiled??

Jul 17, 2012

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  • Fortunately for you, literacy is not necessary for whoredom.

  • If you have to ask, you don't have what it takes. But since you did ask, you have to act like a prostitute without looking like one. You have to find a rick sucker that you can convince he needs you enough to give you whatever you want, but not enough to leave his wife for you. You have to pretend you love him as much as you love his money. That s** and the money come hand in hand but you have to be able to trick him into not connecting the two things. Because as soon as he realizes you are just a prostitute, he will drop your ass. But by that time, you better have some concrete dirt on him that is beyond a sliver of a doubt, or be pregnant with his kid. But don't get pregnant too early because if you misjudge that, you will be stuck with an illegitimate child that you wont take care of.

  • All you gotta do offer up the p****!

  • Bet you are fat but think your hot.truth,step on a scale and ill bet you are 160 plus but still think you are hot!Whores dont find surrer daddys ,sugger daddys find whores!

  • Really choke on his c*** and lick his d*** clean of your vomit and his j***. This must be a surprise and never discuss it. Wait to repeat UT. He'll fly to the moon and back if you're pretty, act demure and girlish and keep on gaggin' with an embarrassed after-choke.

  • It's easy.

    Two words:

    "Spread 'em!"

  • Keep your shopping list handy...dress for success...only date rich married men...you are in it for the money only...just don't come off as too greedy, it's unbecoming. Your first stop is a car auction...oh, expect the wife to try to have you killed.

  • U gotta have a HOT body & be willing to f*** at the drop of a hat!

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