How do I get out of this one?

I met a guy at an expo over the weekend. I didn't see him for too long there but he looked pretty attractive from hat I could remember and I took a picture with him. We exchanged numbers and have been talking.

From talking, he's decent: in the Marines, into cars, protective, cute. He sent me the picture we took and in it he's facing the camera straight on so I thought he looked normal.

When we went out last night, it turns out he's WAY more baby-faced than I remember and a little bit large (you can't tell from picture). He would have soooo much potential if he just lost 15 pounds. What do I do? I don't want to date a chubby guy.



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  • Break up with him. He doesn't deserve to get stuck with a shallow pinhead like you.

  • So extremely shallow. What are you, perfect?
    My man is about the same weight by the sounds of it but he's amazingly wonderful and it's the personality that counts!

  • You grow a sense of humanity.

    I'm in love with a girl two times my weight and I'M overweight.

    Be shallow and back out, or think of the inside rather than out.

  • you sure know how to pick'

  • My ex-gf lost 40lbs while I dated her. She was very attractive when we broke up. People change and it would be great if you changed with him.

  • Then don't date him. But keep in mind no one is perfect. It sounds like you like this guy and it would be a real shame to let this one go just because he is 15 lbs overweight. If you're totally turned off, that's one thing. But if you think you can give this guy a chance, get to know him and then decide.

    Maybe on one of your dates you can suggest going for a hike or something. Do an activity other then eating. Or maybe just dating you may become a motivator for him work out.

    In the grand scheme of things.. I would take someone who is 15 lbs heavier over someone who is an a****** or doesn't know how to treat a woman.

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