The REAL Bullies

Hey this post i feel will be one of the most important posts around, i myself was a victim of bullying what people fail to see is that Children of law enforcement are some of the worst bullies around NO THIS ISNT SLANDER and theres nothing people like us can do about it because our hands are tied if you hit your bully you could be nailed with an assault charge, or be sent to juvee not sure if i spelled that right and some faculties dont do much but turn the other way but im not looking for comments or fame i just want to bring this problem to light i want every victim to get the justice they deserve i dont think bullying laws are strict enough and should be enforced dont go easy on them! -anon

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  • Well, there's a news flash. Bullies make little maggot bullies of their own. Who woulda thunk it?

    People like that are the reason I cheer every time there's a mass shooting. I just wish these shootings were better targeted, like at the kinds of people (aka bullies) who need a little lead therapy.

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