I need help...

I am 14, and extremely sensitive for a boy, and I had never seen p***, and wanted to know what the big deal was. So I watched it, and was disgusted. But im feeling guilty for my wrong actions. Its weighing me down alot, and I really dont want to be depressed again. But I also dont want to tell my parents. What do I do?

Jul 17, 2012

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  • Its nothing to agonize over mate. Literally billions of people watch p***. It is normal but if ya dont like it, ya dont like it fair enough

  • Thats normal, sometimes p*** is just disgusting

  • You're 14. You are just beginning to mature. School won't teach you everything and certainly not your parents. It's perfectly normal for a teen to watch p***. You gotta start learning somewhere!

  • Go have a w*** over it, will make you feel a lot better

  • Honey, it's normal.
    When you're growing up and your hormones are changing, you get the urge to "Experiment" with different things.
    You haven't done anything wrong and you shouldn't feel guilty about it, it's just a natural curiousity.

  • Grow up. Stop being so obsessed with your petty "sins."

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