I confess that I'm feeling ESPECIALLY angry today. I hate when I can see something coming from the get-go but no one wants to listen to me! And then it ends up blowing up way worse than it would have to begin with.

EXAMPLE: I told my boyfriend that his stupid slutty friend let's call her 'L' was after him from the second she found out he was in a new relationship. I got the hint from subtle remarks and the way she was becoming far more interested in every little f****** thing he did. She would leave him board messages via facebook asking him when they were going to hang out and saying how much she missed him. Then she posted old photos of JUST the two of them from when they were in middeschool/highschool hanging out together and she drew hearts around his face. I was like uh? HELLO! It's SO obvious she wants to break us up. My boyfriend however was like, "oh no she used to like me but I never felt the same, she got mad at me for a while and then we became friends. It's not like that, never was, and never will be. She knows that." I rolled my eyes and tried to ignore the b****.

She kept her s*** up for a while, and then just when I thought she was occupied with her own personal s*** something happened. My boyfriend texted me while he was at his dad's place for his grandfather's birthday dinner (he gets horrible reception there) and says his phone keeps notifying him of a message on facebook but he couldn't see who it was from or respond to it. He assumed it was from a close male friend of his and wanted me to log on, read it, relay the message, and respond to it. So, I log on and see the message BUT! It's not from who he thought it would be. It was "L" she was obviously intoxicated judging from her typing and choice of words. This is how the message went: (I copied and pasted but removed my boyfriends name)

* HEY *BF'S NAME* !!! U THERE? omg sooo drunk and wishing u was herr! i miss u!!! iv been thinkin bout u so much latly and wana hang out! iv always loved u... n iv been sooo into u for so long. i know u got a girl but wev known each other for so longggg n i idk . mm jus wana doso many things with u.. u r soooo sexyyy and i bet u got that big dickk to iv always wanted to try it outt .. mm plsss get at me wit that! *

YEAH. I saved it so I could put her on blast. I actually have the screen cap because I was so p*****. She tried adding me as a friend before, but I'm pretty sure it was just to spy on me and talk s*** about me. My boyfriend and I got into a HUGE argument because of this and he ended their friendship, blocked her from all websites and her number. It's still fresh in my mind though and all I can think about is kicking the s*** out of this b**** for trying to be a homewrecking slutbag. She knows I know now because I sent her a nice response letting her know I saw the message. GOD. I just need to take my anger out on someone. Preferably her face.

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  • God, just leave it and move on !

  • As someone a little smarter, I'd advise you not to go to jail for assault.First, I think her behaviour is awful. But your man reacted the right way and now she has lost a friend.Even though she did something she shouldn't have, you cannot erase their long term relationship from his mind. If you continue to harp about her to him, he may begin to resent it and it could harm your relationship.
    Wanna Really get back at her? Write this to her:
    I want you to know I forgive you. After all I understand your wanting my man. He is perfect in every way.I hope that now that he has made it clear who he is in love with you will be able to move on and find a man of your own.

  • knock her teeth out.

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