Hair confession

I am 17 now, and for the past couple years I have had a fetish to were I love to eat hair. It developed when I was younger (around 6 or 7 to be more accurate), to where I would sometimes wait till after my sister would finish combing her hair, then frantically scurry after the left over hair in her hairbrush. I didn't discover that I liked it until my sister and I would always play fear factor and eat the most grotesque things. For the past couple years my obsession has grown tremendously. At times, I would find my self fondling over various types of hairs. It grew from me sneaking over to my mothers bedroom and cutting her hair off slightly, to going to my local barbour and collecting the shiniest, most lavishing, hair strands I could find and then bringing them home just to stir them up in my favorite bowl of soup. I sometimes have masterbated to the thoughts is some pulling, ripping, or even eating my hair during s**, and my craving for the substance is going more beyond the fetish than I ever thought it would.

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  • I used to munch on my hot older sister's broken (sometimes, not broken, as she slept) long nails. Love how they tasted, and the flecking of nail polish onto my tongue..

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