Am not!!!!!

I am a male and kids at my school always make fun of me saying im gay. so what if i talk with a lisp or wear comfortable shoes. so what if i wear eye liner because it brings out my eyes. so what if i sucked the football captains d*** in the shower after winning the game, it doesent make me gay, just becuase i never had a girlfriend or dont know what "koochy" is doesent make me gay, so what if i like boys to stick their p**** is my ass and pull my hair, IT DOESENT MAKE ME GAY!!! im so tired od people judging, i'm gonna go suck a d*** to calm down now

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  • It's okay people are jerks who just love to judge people. Gay people always make the best friends, you might not be gay but you sure are super cool!!

  • Gay gay gay ass h*** f***** and ur just trolling everyone or u tried its so f****** obvi bro wtf is wrong with u

  • u are definetely gay. Actually ur probably just experimenting or just camp.

  • lol tom cruise

  • Perfect answer! I love it!

  • Obvious troll is obvious.


    And the line that sealed the deal was 'so what if i wear eye liner cos it brings out my eyes'
    You are soooooo gay and you know it. You posted this to be called gay. Deal with it!

  • it sounds like you are gay or bisexual, there's nothing wrong with that. Don't listen to the kids at school, in a few years you'll have forgotten all their names anyway, just be who you are :)

  • I used to get the same kind of crap at school too and I found sucking on a d*** really calmed me down.

  • N**** you gay, lol

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