Filled with love

I am an active hunter and own my own taxidermy shop, but lateley there has been problems at home so i spending alot of time at the shop, late one night, feeling depressed and h**** lack of judgement got me wondering what s** with an aninal would feel like. so making sure it was past closing hours i took to the back room and stripped, then mounting a dead dear, some racks i use make it easy to put animals in an easier position to have s** with, it was amazing!!! still warm, tight, didint complain about what i was doing, didnt expect flowers or any of the crap, i've been doing this for some time now, deer, squirrels, some guy brought in an alligator, oh yeah- the only sick thing is the part of the sign out front says "filled with love" if they only knew

Jul 23, 2012

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  • "still warm"?? You outed yourself with that bit. Otherwise this could have been a true and legit confession from one of society's many, many bottom feeders. You probably confused the deer with your sister, h*** you even called it "dear"! That's either a really lame typo or a Freudian slip, and neither is a good look.

  • F*** off troll.

  • this one is really weird but i guess since they are already harm no foul?!?! but seriously you might want to seek professional help......good luck buddy.....

  • Men, huh. No wonder I enjoy castrating.

  • actually b****, ive been on more bestialty sites than you have had hot dinners and 99.999 percent of the time all ive seen is women whores s******* animals not guys so maybe they should have their fuking holes seered,filled with cement and fuking stapled shut huh b****? and maybe you should retract your statement.

  • turns me on x

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