I'm addicted to cybersex. I don't want

I'm addicted to cybersex. I don't want to do it anymore, but I can't seem to stop. Really, I am just so lonely inside. Everyone sees me and thinks I am this good holy person, but I just feel so dirty. It's like I've lost a part of me that I'll never be able to get back. I just wish that for even a moment I could feel beautiful again.

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  • Wana do cybersex always wanted to try..send me an email bruce9337@gmail.com

  • Beautiful again! Then one would say you are beautiful. Do not feel dirty, the world is a great big learning pit, experiences come and go, be it good or not so good. You have committed no crime, just a search for a little knowledge and wisdom, its all ok, billy

  • how do you type and m********* at the same time????? I don't understand cyber-s**. . .

  • ;-D Mission Accomplished!!!!!!!. For anyone reading this who tries to give something up but can't.... have hope b/c you are not alone! If I could do it.... so can you! You can feel wonderful and perfect once more! (Just a WHOLE LOTTA prayer hehehe)!!!

    Thank you all for your comments and encouragement!

  • I don't let negative or amoral commenters bother me, but it's so refreshing to see all of the helpful and well-meaning comments above! Way to go! And I hope you get better too!

  • U have no idea who is on the other side!! That alone creeps me out enough to never want to .

  • I'm very glad to hear that you are moving forward, or that you're at least working your way there. The offer is still open though, if you need to talk and you can't find anyone; I'll check back from time to time. I enjoy knowing someone is making progress through something difficult in their life, and I am more than happy to be available to help.

  • Thank you, but I think I'm getting better... or at least taking one step at a time... cybersex is slowly being replaced by friendship. Friendship in real life is hard and requires so much vulnerability... but the time and risk it takes I think will be worth it. But thank you for the offer, It helps to know there is someone willing to talk. I hope you have an amazing day!

  • If you need a person to talk to, not necessarily about problems (but certainly not excluding them), I can provide my email address. And I will not try to cyber with you, I promise.


  • It goes better and I think I can start to heal... it is just to hard. But thank you for giving me courage. For letting me know that I am not the only person who feels so lonely.

  • I hope all goes well.

  • Thank you. I think that I can do that....

  • I know how it is to feel so alone.

    Find someone, a friend, or something. Find something you can do that you enjoy. Work out, take cooking classes, learn a foreign language; something that will make you feel good about yourself.

    Good luck<3

  • m or f?

  • Seek validation elsewhere! You are worth so much more than that! Good luck x

  • God, me too.

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