I want to shoot myself in the face

That's all. What am I doing with my life and more importantly exactly how is life SUPPOSED to be lived? Is a life full of doing nothing other than get up-work-go home etc. a valuable and fulfilling life? There is no one to say 'this is how to do it' and I don't trust myself to make the right decisions because I always look back and think 'I spend my day doing X? What a f****** waste of time - where will that get you in life?'. I am paralysed by anxiety and this makes me waste more and more time. Of course, I don't actually want to shoot myself in the face. I just want a release.

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  • I believe that the purpose of life is to live. We all have our own reasons for being here. We all walk our own paths. No one person's path is any less important than another person's. If we spend our lives wondering if we're doing the right thing or if that's all there is than we miss what is right in front of our eyes. We will miss the sunrises. We will miss the flowers blooming. We will miss our friends and loved ones voices singing even when they are just talking. We will miss the taste of cookies. We will miss all that life has to offer. What is a stuggle today will be a memory tomorrow. What is a hope today will be a memory tomorrow. Don't worry about the tomorrows. Live for today.

  • There is not a way that life is supposed to be lived. This is great and so sad at the same time. "The first rehearsal is life itself," do you know that saying?

    Read Cosmos by Carl Sagan. It shook me and made me feel like nothing matters- except going out there and exploring the universe. That is the only legitimate reason for existence: knowing.

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